Winegrowers Cooperators

since 1914

Our first cellar was built in 1914.

Then the winery extended until 1954.

Today, our winery regroups 75 wine-growers on 500 hectares. The vines are spread over the communes of Beaucaire and Tarascon, located in the triangle formed by Avignon, Nîmes and Arles. Thus, our winery benefits from a double influence : the Languedoc Roussillon and the Provence.

At the beginning, the winery sold only wine in bulk. But in order to adapt itself to the market requirements, it has been developing the wine in the bottles and Bag in Boxes for 25 years. This choice involved improvement in the quality of the products and also human and technical investments.

Wines varied, rich and pleasant

"La Belle Pierre" is the name chosen by the winegrowers for their wines.

In the medieval times, Beaucaire was called "Belcaire" which means beautiful stone.

Our wines are like our Town, offering variation, richness and a pleasant style…

Our terroir located between Languedoc and Provence, planted with noble grape varieties,

allows us to develop a rich and varied range of wines.

Your team

vins la belle pierre beaucaire